Social Enterprise Programs

At The Mill House we run a series of programs designed to provide through life support for social entrepreneurs in the Canberra region. No matter where you are on your social enterprise journey, our programs aim to guide you through trading for purpose and achieving social impact. To discuss your venture to understand how The Mill House Ventures can help you accelerate impact, book a Social Enterprise Consult with us today 

Our 2-hour introductory program caters to individuals interested in for purpose business addressing social, cultural, economic, or environmental objectives. It welcomes participants from diverse business backgrounds, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge in social enterprise to give an overview of the social enterprise sector and how it can be used for good in society.

The Catalyse program targets emerging social entrepreneurs aiming to establish a new venture or restructure an existing business to prioritize purpose-driven trading. This two-day initiative focuses on laying the groundwork for a social enterprise, emphasizing the desired impact and the specific issue to be addressed.

Social Enterprise Accelerator Program

GRIST, our premier program, accelerates social enterprise ventures through an intensive 3-month incubation period. The program combines formal mentoring with workshops where participants develop skills, refine their ventures, and collaborate with peers to swiftly bring their Minimum Viable Product to market. The focus is on market-ready B2B or B2C ventures that can be tested, validated, and iterated during the program. Past GRIST programs have successfully empowered ventures to launch their enterprises and start creating a sustainable impact on society. TMHV Alumni are actively iterating impact models across diverse areas such as disability, adolescent mental health, alcoholism and addiction, health, housing, gender inequity, and food security.

In June 2022, The Mill House Ventures launched a new program led by our Social Entrepreneurs in Residence, and with the support of our extensive network of mentors. REFINE offers short, intensive, highly-tailored support to established for-purpose traders in Canberra and the region.

Who Is The Program For 

This program is ideal for: 

  • Founders or executives of established for-purpose social enterprises who have been generating income for at least 12 months 
  • New social enterprise business managers developing new impact areas within established community social enterprises