The Mill House Ventures REFINE Expression of Interest


REFINE is designed to support established social enterprises realise their potential by overcoming the key business challenges that are holding them back.  
Given the diversity of challenges social enterprises face, the range of support this program can provide is almost limitless. Some examples of business challenges the program could help with include: designing new revenue models, expanding existing revenue streams, attracting impact partners, developing standard operating procedures, identifying production solutions, addressing tech gaps, or running new business development campaigns to validate new products/services. 
The Mill House Ventures REFINE Program: EOI Application Form

An Expression of Interest application to request assessment and consideration of your venture for The Mill House Ventures REFINE Program

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Overview of the EOI
This form is designed to collect some basic information about your idea or venture to trade for impact. All information you provide is considered private and confidential. Some of the questions are designed to assess your trading model, and others are more focused on your impact.
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