The Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator – GRIST 2023



The Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator – GRIST 2023


Applications for 2023 are now closed, please book a consult to find out how we can assist until our 2024 GRIST program is launched
If you are new to Mill House and you would like to be considered, please submit an Expression of Interest
Please note that we only consider applicants from Canberra and it’s region
We invite aspiring social entrepreneurs in Canberra and Region to apply for the GRIST program, The Mill House Ventures flagship business accelerator program. Designed exclusively to meet the needs of today’s small-to-medium social enterprise, GRIST is a proven learning and capability development program – whether you are an early-stage start-up or an existing social business currently trading.
Participation is by application only. Once applications are received, they are reviewed by our Team along with a panel of Industry Professionals and Social Impact Investors. Selected ventures will be invited to the program based on their potential for impact (a clear, compelling and measurable theory of change), and viability to be market tested, validated and iterated during the program.
GRIST ventures undergo an intensive three month incubation process, rapidly bringing their minimum viable product (MVP) to market through facilitated market testing, industry-specific and professional-led masterclasses, collaborative workshops, and one-on-one professional mentoring. GRIST ventures are supported in developing their Social Enterprise Lean Canvas by our Team and gather the data needed to iterate and accelerate the business.
The cost of GRIST 2023 is $1500 (excl. GST).
2023 GRIST Mill House Accelerator Program: EOI Application Form

An Expression of Interest application to request assessment and consideration of your venture for the Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator Program

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Overview of the EOI
This form is designed to collect some basic information about your idea or venture to trade for impact. All information you provide is considered private and confidential. Some of the questions are designed to assess your trading model, and others are more focused on your impact.
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